Using a Pulk Sled for Hunting

Using a pulk sled for hunting can take some of the work out of the trip!

Here is a review from Rob who used poles on his pulk:

Hunting Pulk Sled HarnessI got a chance to try these poles from yesterday hauling out about 180# of elk and gear. The poles attach to a waste belt and make the job much easier. It turned out that a 5/16 x 3 1/2″ PTO pin worked well enough to attach them to my Mystery Ranch frame without modification. After using the poles I think they are the best $ I’ve spent. When crossed they even controlled the sled on side hills.

I use this sled a lot, but pulling it with a rope is more work than necessary.

On snow it isn’t much work at all to pull and the poles make it easier to control the sled and give your arms a break. Dragging an entire elk on the sled is less work than a single trip with 1/4 of it on your back. Even on dry ground it is easier than dragging out a whole deer, but depending on the circumstances may be more work than boning it in the field and packing it out on the return trip. You also have to count the trip back to the truck to get the sled.


Hunting Pulk Sled_1It handles sidehills pretty well without assistance, at least in the deeper snow. I did a sidehill much steeper than the last photo. The poles flex a lot, but kept it tracking straight. You want to keep the center of gravity as low as possible to keep it from tipping.

After rereading the instructions it would have worked even better had I used the included velcro strap to keep the poles together at the crossing point. Installing fins on the sled would also help.


Another pulk user submitted these photos of his hunting trip:

Hunting Pulk Sled_2 Hunting Pulk Sled_3

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