SkiPulk Full Length Pole Set
SkiPulk Full Length Pole Set

Full-length Pole Set

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Includes 6-foot fiberglass poles, completely assembled, as well as Channel Kit hardware for attaching to your own sled. Additional details below.

Please note that we make these poles by hand and they often get scuffed and scratched during the process (or during shipping) but this does not affect their functionality.

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Product Description

Our full length fiberglass poles are incredibly strong while still being flexible enough to reduce injury or equipment failure during a fall.

Includes 6-foot fiberglass poles with both ball joint ends and eye bolt ends completely assembled. Includes Channel Kit hardware for attaching to your own DIY pulk sled.

  • The poles are 6 feet long
  • The pole set weighs about 2lbs 6oz (the included Channel Kit weighs another 8oz)
  • Made of 1/2″ fiberglass rods coated with a protective finish
  • The aluminum couplers (pole ends) are specially machined for  One end is 3/8″ fine thread for the tie rod/ball joint.  The other end is 5/16″ standard/coarse thread for the eye bolt.

When purchased with our Fatbike line or Expedition pulk or harness, we switch out the eye-bolt ends with ball joints.

Attach these poles to any DIY pulk sled or a toboggan for superior control and maneuverability on side hills, downhills and in wooded areas when you are pulling a:

  • EraPro Paris Expedition sled which is popular as a winter camping pulk
  • Jet Sled or Jet Sled Jr which are often used for ice fishing, as a deer drag sled or for transporting firewood, traps, decoys, feed, etc
  • Pelican Trek 60 sled which is popular as a backcountry hunting or ice fishing sled
  • Emsco Beast toboggan used as a DIY winter camping pulk sled
  • Black River Sleds toboggan

See this guide for details on installing the channel kit and poles on several types of sleds. The video below shows how to install the Channel Kit on the Paris Expedition:

Additional Information


One eye bolt end, one ball joint end, Two ball joint ends


2 reviews for Full-length Pole Set

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a great high quality pole kit to make a pulk sled. I also bought the channel hardware and the rear fin kit. Together with an expedition sled it worked AMAZING. I rigged it up to an old external frame backpack. I had about 20 pounds in the pack and about 40 pounds on the sled. I was able to go almost anywhere. Over and around trees, through creeks, rocks, steep side hills etc. The sled never tipped over and never ran down a steep side hill. Very impressed with this system!! Thanks!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Better than PVC and more reliable! Super pumped on this purchase. High quality product and easy to install onto your sled. Works great with skis and snowshoes. Highly recommended!

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