SkiPulk Full Length Pole Set
SkiPulk Full Length Pole Set

Full-length Pole Set


Includes 6-foot fiberglass poles, completely assembled, as well as Channel Kit hardware for attaching to your own sled. Additional details below.

Please note that we make these poles by hand and they often get scuffed and scratched during the process (or during shipping) but this does not affect their functionality.

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Product Description

Our full length fiberglass poles are incredibly strong while still being flexible enough to reduce injury or equipment failure during a fall.

Includes 6-foot fiberglass poles with both ball joint ends and eye bolt ends completely assembled. Includes Channel Kit hardware for attaching to your own Paris Expedition sled.

When purchased with our Fatbike line or Expedition pulk, we switch out the eye-bolt ends with ball joints.

  • The poles are 6 feet long
  • The pole set weighs about 2lbs 6oz (the included Channel Kit weighs another 8oz)
  • Made of 1/2″ fiberglass rods coated with a protective finish
  • The aluminum couplers (pole ends) are specially machined for  One end is 3/8″ fine thread for the tie rod/ball joint.  The other end is 5/16″ standard/coarse thread for the eye bolt.

(Note: all our poles can fit several other sleds. See this guide for details.)

Additional Information


One eye bolt end, one ball joint end, Two ball joint ends



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